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Protecting You from Tooth Decay & Gum Disease

“So long as I make sure that I brush my teeth and floss every day, my teeth should be okay, right?" Unfortunately, while many of our patients hold to this common belief, it is actually a risky and sadly untrue assumption. While flossing and brushing daily are crucial habits, they are never enough to keep your teeth truly clean. Plaque and tartar get stuck in the deepest grooves of your teeth, and without frequent exams and cleaning, they will not only lead to permanent stains but unavoidable cavities, despite your best efforts.

We have often had to give multiple fillings for patients who led otherwise completely healthy lifestyles. The one problem was that these patients did not come in for regular cleaning and exams. As a result, deep crevices in their teeth, where only professional dentists can reach, inevitably began to decay and cause problems. Do not underrate dental exams and cleaning in Chicago, since they are the only true way of completely preventing nasty buildup within your mouth. Scheduling regular visits with our reliable doctor at The Dental Standard will ensure that you have stronger and healthier teeth.

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Comprehensive Dental Examinations

No matter how hard you work at maintaining excellent daily oral hygiene, it is absolutely crucial to schedule normal exams within our office, which can help you protect your mouth from disease or decay.

First, our experienced dentist will carefully do an initial check of your mouth, checking to be sure that your gums and teeth are in a healthy condition. At this point, your dentist will then proceed to do a cleaning, delicately removing any tartar that has embedded itself between your teeth, especially your molars.

Dental Cleanings

The way that in-office cleanings in Chicago work is that your dentist works to specifically remove hardened, calcified plaque, also known as tartar. Unfortunately, even the most thorough brushing could never serve to completely remove this tartar, no matter how far your toothbrush is reaching. Our dental hygienist is especially skilled at taking out any plaque and tartar and doing this at a rapid pace, in between 30-45 minutes.

Some of the steps that our dentist will take throughout the cleaning process include:

  • Eliminating tartar and plaque that has not only engraved itself into your teeth, but has settled in the crevices and roots of your gums
  • Polishing the surface of your teeth and gums and flossing your teeth for optimal shine
  • Closely examining the structure of your mouth to check for possible conditions of dental discomfort or disease
  • Using advantaged technology to take digital X-rays that can allow a deeper glimpse of the state of your jaw and your teeth beneath the surface


Even once your exams and cleaning in Chicago have been finished, your comprehensive dental care is not over. Our team at The Dental Standard is dedicated to giving you the whole package. After you have had your teeth completely cleaned, you can feel free to discuss your past medical history, along with any questions you have about preventing future dental disasters.

Contact us now at (312) 757-8060 to receive absolutely complimentary consultations about coming in for regular cleanings.

Patient Experiences

Straight From the Source
  • Gorgeous Modern Space

    “At our first visit, Dr.Vlad took us on a tour of the facility and showed us around. It's a gorgeous modern space very open and inviting. We sat and he got to know us and our dental history first. He takes his time and advises you on your dental health...”

    - Matt
  • Quality Work & Care

    “This office is AMAZING! Dr. Vlad and his team make you feel like family as soon as you walk in. The decor is timeless and I love that everything is brand new. This office has a lot of technology and it makes me feel great knowing Dr. Vlad does his best.”

    - Shivam
  • Amazing To Me

    “Dr. Vlad and his team prioritized my fears and focused on creating a relationship build in trust and learning first. The cleaning alone was a solid experience. He was extremely thorough and the difference in my mouth is still amazing to me.”

    - Josh
  • Healthy Teeth & Forever Grateful

    “Wow, The Dental Standard is such an amazing experience. The place itself is beautiful and not to mention they were after to do same-day crowns for me. This saved me so much time. I now have healthy teeth and am forever grateful. Thank you team!”

    - Ricky
  • Amazing & Detail-Oriented Dentist

    “Vlad is an amazing, detail-oriented dentist, with an approachable bedside manner. No question The Dental Standard matches his pursuit of excellence.”

    - Michael

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  • Your Smile, Your Experience

    We care that your experience is high quality with great results

  • State-Of-The-Art Technology

    We pride ourselves on being up to date with the latest technology and procedures

  • Comprehensive Treatment Plan

    We build a full oral and overall health plan based on your goals and comfort level

  • Same Day Appointments

    Give us a call and we'll schedule you for the next possible appointment

  • Complimentary Consultations

    Dental, Cosmetic or Orthodontic

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