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When many think about dental care, they often associate it with being a helpful though uncomfortable service, a necessary ordeal they must undertake for the sake of their health. However, the contemporary innovations in dental care are designed to ensure the safety of your teeth and also to increase your confidence through the most natural and comfortable methods possible. When it comes down to it, having shining, white teeth is not just necessary for your physical well-being, but for your emotional well-being as well. With our cosmetic dentistry services in Chicago, you can count on having strong, beautiful teeth that you are confident to show to the world.

On account of new technological advances, our Chicago cosmetic dentist at The Dental Standard can enhance your smile’s appearance in a number of ways, no matter your past eating and drinking habits, the age of your teeth, or any chips, cracks, or cavities you may have received throughout your life. Whether using professional whitening to lifelike veneers from porcelain, we have everything it takes and more to give you the smile you’ve always wanted.

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Getting a Smile Makeover

Before you get a smile makeover, it is helpful to consider both the parts of your teeth, gums, and mouth that you do like, as well as the features you do not like. This way, we both know exactly what you expect from your smile.

Before you show up for your first consultation to discuss cosmetic procedures, you should be prepared to answer questions such as:

  • Do you ever hesitate when you smile, and why?
  • What is your favorite and least favorite aspect about your teeth, in terms of spacing, color, shape, and size?
  • How do you feel about the amount of your teeth that shows when you open your mouth, smile, or just have a relaxed expression?
  • Do you prefer to have shining, bright white teeth that are uniformly aligned, or would you rather go for a more natural appearance?
  • How much of your gums do you prefer to show?
  • Are there any parts of your teeth, either dental imperfections or even past dental treatments (such as a gold inlay) that you would prefer to reverse?

Consult with Us Today

Once you have thought carefully about your own expectations for your smile, you are ready to come in for your first consultation, which is also completely complimentary. Our dentist at The Dental Standard will help you feel relaxed and comfortable in sharing your desires for a modified smile. You can even bring in pictures of what you want for the best results from our cosmetic dentistry in Chicago.

Contact us now at (312) 757-8060, since there is no reason to wait for that perfect smile.

Patient Experiences

Straight From the Source
  • Gorgeous Modern Space

    “At our first visit, Dr.Vlad took us on a tour of the facility and showed us around. It's a gorgeous modern space very open and inviting. We sat and he got to know us and our dental history first. He takes his time and advises you on your dental health...”

    - Matt
  • Quality Work & Care

    “This office is AMAZING! Dr. Vlad and his team make you feel like family as soon as you walk in. The decor is timeless and I love that everything is brand new. This office has a lot of technology and it makes me feel great knowing Dr. Vlad does his best.”

    - Shivam
  • Amazing To Me

    “Dr. Vlad and his team prioritized my fears and focused on creating a relationship build in trust and learning first. The cleaning alone was a solid experience. He was extremely thorough and the difference in my mouth is still amazing to me.”

    - Josh
  • Healthy Teeth & Forever Grateful

    “Wow, The Dental Standard is such an amazing experience. The place itself is beautiful and not to mention they were after to do same-day crowns for me. This saved me so much time. I now have healthy teeth and am forever grateful. Thank you team!”

    - Ricky
  • Amazing & Detail-Oriented Dentist

    “Vlad is an amazing, detail-oriented dentist, with an approachable bedside manner. No question The Dental Standard matches his pursuit of excellence.”

    - Michael

Your Smile, Your Experience

  • Comfort & Care

    Relax in a massage chair with Netflix or music while we work

  • Your Smile, Your Experience

    We care that your experience is high quality with great results

  • State-Of-The-Art Technology

    We pride ourselves on being up to date with the latest technology and procedures

  • Comprehensive Treatment Plan

    We build a full oral and overall health plan based on your goals and comfort level

  • Same Day Appointments

    Give us a call and we'll schedule you for the next possible appointment

  • Complimentary Consultations

    Dental, Cosmetic or Orthodontic

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Our vision is to create a place like no other. We have such a comfortable atmosphere that you will forget you are at a dental office. From the beautiful design to the message chairs and ceiling mounted TV's. You'll be pinching yourself to make sure you're still awake.

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